Create clients without a big following​​​​ & fall in love with selling your Offers

The Business Incubator is a 3 month long online program for new online coaches.

Build a magnetic Personal Brand and create clients without a big following, overwhelming marketing strategies and ever feeling salesy.

You decided to build a thriving coaching business because you're obsessed with helping others and making an impact with your expertise. 

(oh and having the freedom to work in coffeeshops and in your pyjama while changing peoples life?! YES PLEASE! )

But I also hear you're afraid of failing and being judged by the people around you. You don't know how to target your Ideal Client and convert them into real, paying clients.  But the worst is that you don't feel confident enough to sell. (not to mention your aren't even sure what to sell) 

You've been trying to do all the things except creating clients:

  • Trying to  create a fancy website
  • Grow your Pinterest account
  • Start your blog
  • Start a youtube channel
  • Have a Podcast
  • Be an influencer with 100k followers min.
  • Learning & consuming from all those freebies & different gurus
  • Discount your services

And now you're

  • Left overwhelmed because you consumed so many information from so many places that you don't even know what's important anymore and what's not.

  • Frustrated because you put in the work and yet see no real result of business growth, people are reaching out to you but only interested in getting a free session from you or no one reaching out at all.

  • Creating all those heartfelt content just to hear crickets and "OMG you're so inspirational" but no one ready to buy.

  • Anxious to share your progress with your friends and family cause you feel there is no progress at all and just praying that no one asks you about your business. (so been there, it's damn scary, I know) 

The Business Incubator was made with you in mind.

Less guessing, more focus. Less hustle, more simplicity.

Less hours on social media, more clients. 

Imagine if...

  • Potential clients saw your profile on social media and immediately knew they NEED to work with you.
  • You were only creating high-paying clients.
  • Your systems were so simple and easy that you work less hours and make more money.
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    You loved reaching out to those you want to work with/the perfect prospects loved reaching out to you and you loved jumping on calls talking about your offer because you are confident it will 10 x their business and life. 
  • check
    Getting paid for your valuable work was as easy as binge watching your favourite netflix series.
  • check
     You didn't had to fear friends and family asking about your business because you had the results you're proud to share. (think: "You're changing my life!" testimonials on the reg.)
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    You felt fully authentic in the process of selling & creating content that drives action & trust.
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     Your days weren't spent in your 9-5 barely holding your tears back because you know you don't belong there but you don't know how to change your situation BUT instead in your beautiful self-designed home office working with clients you love, being featured on Podcasts and growing a business that you always dreamed of.


Sounds like a Plan?

Than you belong into the Business Incubator.

I'd love to help you make this your reality.

What you need as a new online coach:
  1. A Personal Brand that represents you as an authority.
  2. Niche-specific Business.             
  3. Understanding your Ideal Client on a psychological level. 
  4. A high-ticket offer that your Ideal Client WANTS & is WILLING to pay for.                 
  5. Have a system in place to lead followers into being prospects and prospects to clients.            
  6. Rock solid Self-belief & Confidence in yourself and your Offers.

In the Business Incubator you'll learn everything you need to know so by the end of the 90 days, you’ll have a system to attract the right prospects and create clients with confidence. 

If you're ready to...

Package your expertise and your story into a Premium Personal Brand and create a Premium Program...

Have a step by step system to attract the right followers, turn them into prospects and prospects into clients through my Client Creation Framework...

Embody leadership, establish authority and sell with confidence.

Forget salesy tactics that make you feel icky, inauthentic and pushy and instead have a sales process that's empowering, ecxiting and uplifing for both you and the prospect...

These are skills you've to learn and implement to save you months of confusion and stagnancy and that's what you can get help with, within the Business Incubator. 


Hey,, I'm Alessa

If you're on this page we've probably talked already or at least you saw a few of my stories, podcast episodes and you know whether or not you vibe with me. If yes and if the Incubator sounds like a fit for you, I'd love to talk to you girlfriend. 

Scheduling a call with me means no strings attached, I'd love to see how I can help you and make sure you feel completely safe and empowered to make your decision. 

What you will get in the Business Incubator:

  • 12 x 90 minutes coaching session
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     Access to me in between session Monday - Friday through chat and voice messages
  • Accountability of your commitments and homeworks
  • Guidance on how to use helpful softwares
  • check
    Worksheets & Recourses so you always have the information you need
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     Help in setting up your enrollment process both in messenger and via phone calls

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